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Prepping for Hurricane Isaias
Marinas and boat yards prep for the storm
August 3, 2020

saias has gone from tropical storm, to hurricane, to tropical storm again. While Isaias bounces between storm classifications, the marinas and boatyards in Oriental are helping boat owners prep for whatever comes.

There’s little to no surge expected with Isaias, but some cruisers had their boats hauled anyway. A visiting cruiser from France said he wanted work done on his Yanmar and had heard good things about the work at Deaton’s. He was using the storm as a reason to have the boat pulled and the work done (after Isaias passes).

Prepping for IsaiasPrepping for IsaiasPrepping for Isaias
At Pecan Grove Marina, the owners of this Island Packet are clear devotees of Captain John “Blue Tape” Rahm’s boat prepping methods.
Prepping for Isaias
The Oriental Bridge is a popular place to park vehicles to keep them from rising waters. Here, tractors bookend a Rolls Royce on the county side of the bridge.
Prepping for Isaias
A second Rolls Royce hangs from a travel lift just down the bridge from the first one. Representatives from Rolls Royce UK declined to comment. (Pat Stockwell photo)

Deaton Yacht Services and SailCraft Services are across the creek from each. Both were busy hauling boats Friday, prior to the arrival of Isaias.

Prepping for Isaias
At Deaton’s, SV Teaticket sits in the sling after hauling, getting a wash down before storage.
Prepping for Isaias
Teaticket’s bottom paint gets a power wash.
Prepping for IsaiasPrepping for IsaiasPrepping for Isaias
At SailCraft Services, George Midyette and Mike Pawlikowsi haul boats and do visual inspections.

The boatyards looked calm near sunset on Friday. Boat hauling – and storage on the hard – continued through the weekend.

Prepping for Isaias
Friday evening over the yard at Deaton Yacht Services.
Prepping for Isaias
SailCraft Services, midday Monday.

Posted Monday August 3, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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