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Ralph Kudart, 1953-2019
Former Owner Of Sailcraft Service Boatyard
July 31, 2019

alph Kudart passed away on Sunday July 21. While recently living in Mount Airy, Kudart was a noteworthy resident of Oriental for 40 years. Ralph moved to town in 1972 and began working for Andy and Mary Denmark at Sailcraft Service. He bought the Sailcraft boatyard business in 1980 and ran it for 20 years.

Ralph Kudart

Ralp knew boats and was generous with his time, helping sailors fix their problems. He was also generous loaning his tools to boaters who needed them (perhaps too much as some were never returned.) People who knew Ralph back then remember him as a loyal friend with a witty sense of humor. Those characteristics were regularly displayed at closing time, along with a six-pack of Budweiser.

Ralph was also a longtime volunteer fireman for the SPVFD and was assistant Fire Chief in the 1990s. Former Fire Chief Charlie Garrett says, “Several of his men who worked at the boat yard were also on the fire department. Any time an alarm came in during working hours they all ran for the fire engines and fought the fire. Ralph never docked their pay while they did this, no matter how long it took.”

He was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, on March 31, 1953. He is survived by his wife, Linda Shelton Brindle; a son, Christopher Kudart; two grandchildren; a sister, Karen Kudart; two brothers, Scott Kudart and Dave Kudart.

story submitted by Dan Foreman

Posted Wednesday July 31, 2019 by Keith N. Smith

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