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Town Board Meeting October 2019
Short term rental and sign ban
October 13, 2019

t Tuesday’s meeting, the public spoke out about cats and absent landlords. Commissioners discussed a short term rental permit and the merits of banning temporary signs.

Public Comments
Jim Rush told the Board of Commissioners there are several feral cats living near his home on Seafarer Drive. Rush says subdivision residents are feeding the cats in the area and it has become a problem.

He asked the Board to find a way to deal with the problem, suggesting having the people feeding the cats be responsible for them, before there is another outbreak of rabies. Rush also stated that he’s had Animal Control out and they’d trapped four cats on his property.

Short Term Rental Permit granted for 305 Vandemere
Krent Aberle, a resident of Wisconsin and former owner of a home in the R1 section of town. town hall signAberle originally planned to rent his R1 zoned home short-term, using it for vacation and eventually retirement. Short-term rentals are not allowed in R1 zones. Aberle sold the home and bought in an R2 zone to be in compliance with the short-term rental zoning requirements.

The Planning Board did not find reason to deny the permit, nor was any testimony or evidence against the permit presented by the public at their meeting.

Toni Leavitt, a neighbor of 305 Vandemere, did speak out at the Town Board Meeting. Leavitt said the owners were absent, living in Wisconsin, and were years away from retiring. Her complaint was not about the owners, she said, but absentee landlords. “I think the town is changing,” she said, “I’m not worried about who’s going to be there, I’m worried about who’s not going to be there.”

The Board of Commissioners approved the short-term rental special use permit 5-0.

Town may ban temporary signs on all town-owned property
Last October, the Planning Board took was tasked with determining new language for the Growth Management Ordinance (GMO) regarding temporary signs on town-owned property. At that time, there were complaints made about a sign in front of Town Hall that said no drilling.

Commissioners discussed banning temporary signs altogether rather than defining a group of banned signs. Commissioner Eric Dammeyer said there is case law from 2015-16 stating town could regulate placement of signs, but not content.

Commissioner David White suggested banning all signs on public property and scrubbing the GMO for related ordinances.

Town-owned properties include Town Hall, Lou Mac Park, the docks and public bathrooms, areas near the duck pond, the water plant on Gilgo Rd, and Lupton Park, among other, smaller parcels. The temporary sign ban would encompass political signs as well as signs for events in the public parks.

Commissioners voted to send the issue back to the Planning Board with the direction to ban all temporary signage. A hearing for the ban has been set for the November 5 Town Board meeting.

Hurricane updates
Hurricane Florence
The town received $323,000 from FEMA for hurricane related repairs for South Ave. Town Manager Miller reports that it has so far cost only $285,000, due to utilizing the Public Work Department for a majority of the labor.

There is still some work left to be done including repairing the Plug-In Electric Vehicle station at Town Dock #2, repairing the slide at Lupton Park, and restoring the Welcome to Oriental signs.

Hurricane Dorian
The debris in the old section of town has been collected. The debris in Dolphin Point is next.

There has been no Federal emergency declaration for Dorian, and so the town must pay for all expenses related to Hurricane Dorian clean-up and repairs.

Manager’s Report
  • Whittaker Point Restoration: The permits will be back soon and the project will go to bid in late October. Manager Miller expects construction to begin early November.
  • The Quarterly Meeting for the Town Board is scheduled for October 31 at 8a.
  • Mayor Sally Belangia will present a proclamation from the Town to the New Village Brewery for their recent wins for Best Beer (gold) and Best Brewery (silver).
Dates to Know
  • The next Town Board Meeting will be Tuesday, November 5 at 8p. The time has been moved back one hour due to the elections.
  • The Town Board Quarterly Meeting is Thursday, October 31 at 8a.
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Posted Sunday October 13, 2019 by Allison DeWeese

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