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What's Next For Oriental's Recreation Park?
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September 16, 2020

riental’s Parks and Recreation Board has been on hiatus for a while – major hurricanes have a way of refocusing attention. The board is now back and they want the opinion of the people who live in and visit Oriental.

In the past, the board looked into a greenway/bike path connecting Dolphin Point to White Farm Road. Current board member spoke with previous members about the project.

a blue and white park sign

“Based on the discussions there appears to be tremendous amount of commitment and work required to see the greenway project through to completion,” said Bonnie Crosser, current Parks and Recreation board member. “Unless there is an overwhelming opinion of our town to move the greenway project as a priority, the Board will focus on the development of the existing parks.”

To that end, Parks and Recreation would like your input, specifically about the Oriental Recreation Park on White Farm Road behind Station 19 Firehouse.

a satellite view of oriental's recreational park

“The Recreation Park was developed 20 years ago to provide a sporting complex of baseball and soccer fields. Since inception, the Recreation Park also provides a playground area, fitness course (in need of repair), and recently a dog park. The sporting fields have seen very limited use in the past years.”

The board has come up with a survey outlining several uses for the space. They’d also like readers to submit their ideas for the space.

Let the Parks and Rec Board know your thoughts. Take the survey here.

Posted Wednesday September 16, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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