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Chili Cookoff 2018
$3,000 raised and 3rd time's the charm
October 28, 2018

leven years cooking chili. Eleven recipes. And a three year in a row winner.

The Annual Old Theater Chili Cookoff is a fund raiser for the Old Theater. They invite the businesses of Oriental to compete for the People’s Choice, the Judge’s Choice, and the Spirit Award. Hundreds of people take their turn tasting different chilis.

2018 Chili Cookoff
Chili from the Southeast Pamlico Volunteer Fire Department.

Sixty gallons of chili are consumed during the two hour event. This year there was spicy chili, meatless chili, alligator chili, bean chili, drunken chili, and one chili where the meat was reported to be ‘lawyer’.

Some chefs dressed for the cooler weather. And some dressed for the Spirit Awards. The top contenders dressed as Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett from the musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, a voodoo duo, and one group of chefs donned oversized ears to promote their services.

Tom Cochran, an organizer of the event, reported there were over 300 tasters this year, raising more than $3,000 for the Old Theater.

2018 Chili Cookoff
A Chili porter takes away the empties.
2018 Chili Cookoff2018 Chili Cookoff2018 Chili Cookoff
Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett’s “Authentic” Chili. When asked what meat was in the chili, Mrs. Lovett replied, ‘lawyer’.
2018 Chili Cookoff
The Southeast Pamlico Volunteer Fire Department won for Best Spicy Bean Chili.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Allen Price’s chili hat returns for another year.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Tasters moved from one table to the next, eating as they went.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Endurance Seafood’s ingredient list for their chili.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Beltone Better Hearing was all ears.
2018 Chili Cookoff2018 Chili Cookoff2018 Chili Cookoff
Arlington Place made Peach Bourbon Chili. There was a bottle handy to top it off.
2018 Chili Cookoff
It takes concentration to get the bottles in just right.
2018 Chili Cookoff
This chili is almost gone.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Tasters… tasters everywhere.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Chili trophies, sans fire breath.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Oriental Deli & Subs passing out their award winning chili.
2018 Chili Cookoff2018 Chili Cookoff2018 Chili Cookoff
The second chili table served Voodoo Lounge Chili. The chefs dressed appropriately.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Chelsea Smith served chili with alligator for the Toucan Bar and Grill.
2018 Chili Cookoff
Chief Meteorologist Donnie Cox with Channel 12 presents an award to Oriental Deli & Subs, winners for the third year in a row. (Photo Tom Cochran)
Judge’s Choice:
  • 1st Place: Oriental Deli & Subs
  • 2nd Place: Inland Waterway Provision Co. & Oriental Food Initiative
  • 3rd Place: Arlington Place
People’s Choice:
  • 1st Place: Oriental Deli & Subs
  • 2nd Place: Arlington Place
  • 3rd Place: Endurance Seafood
Spirit Award (Best Decorated Table):
  • 1st Place: Voodoo Lounge Chili
  • 2nd Place: Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett’s “Authentic” Chili
  • 3rd Place: Beltone Better Hearing Chili
  • Best Hickory Flavor Chili: West Marine Oriental
  • Best Beef Chili: Austin Rugby Chili Plus
  • Best Beef and Bean Combo Chili: Toucan Grill & Fresh Bar
  • Best Spicy Bean Chili: Southeast Pamlico VFD & EMS
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Posted Sunday October 28, 2018 by Allison DeWeese

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