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September Town Board Meeting
Water line leaks, workshop topics, writing tickets
September 19, 2022

eptember’s Town Board Meeting was brief. Commissioners and Mayor Sally Belangia discussed topics for the upcoming Town Board Workshop at the end of September, repairs to the water main break near Hodges Street, and setting a Public Hearing for changes to the Growth Management Ordinance.

Water Line Break
Town Manger Diane Miller addressed the Town Board about the water leak in August that required water to the harbor area to be shut off.

town hall sign The leak occurred under a driveway leading into the Garland Fulcher property at the corner of Hodges and South Water Streets. Miller reported that it “seems that there was much less driveway 49 years ago.”

Over the years, the driveway had expanded to allow larger trucks in and out of the facility. The weight of the trucks eventually broke the old lines, Miller said.

The valves to shut off the water had deteriorated to the point that Public Works could not stop the flow of water to the single property.

During excavation, Public Works found there had also been an undocumented and unauthorized tap on the line.

Cayton plumbing was called in to perform the long tap (under the street) to the water main. The bill came to $5,700. Public Works was able to perform the three short taps needed from the main line, in effect “paying for the one that was broken,” said Miller.

“This isn’t going to be a one off,” she said. “A lot of our lines are like this. They are not supported by the coastal shifting sands beneath the roads.”

Miller said these repairs would be a priority during the next budget cycle.

Board of Adjustment Appointments
There will be a public hearing for a change to the Growth Management Ordinance (GMO) regarding the Board of Adjustment.

The Board of Adjustment (BOA) had not met from 2008 to 2014. During that time, Miller says, the then mayor “Bill Sage realized the board had fallen away.” To reappoint people to BOA, the then board “followed the GMO” but did so by vote, which is not legal.

To rectify the issue, validate the 2013 BOA appointments, and establish staggered terms, the Board of Commissioners will hold a Public hearing at the October meeting.

September Board Workshop Topics
The Town Board Workshop is September 29, from 8-9a. The Board of Commissioners uses this meeting to set priorities for the upcoming year.

The agreed upon topics for discussion are:
• Roads – (repair)
• Defining the duties & responsibilities of the Auxiliary Boards
• Working on communication between the town and the residents

Police Report
Officer Nic Blayney gave the town police report. He reported that he and Officer Wichrowski have been issuing warnings – both verbal and written – for speeding. This month, they will step up enforcement and begin writing tickets.

Overcash said there were complaints about trucks hauling fishing boats speeding and “blowing through stop signs” on Midyette, as well as speeding near the bottom of Oriental Bridge onto Broad Street.

Blayney said he and Wichrowski will adjust their enforcement to this area.

Manager’s Report
Whittaker Restoration Project – some of the baffles on the outside of Whittaker Point have given way. “This is a factor of wrong size or dissimilar metals,” said Miller. “Mr. Blackerby [Chair of the Harbor Waterfronts Committee] believes, and I agree, that it was under engineered for the amount of energy that was coming at it.” The contractor is going to come back and fix the baffles in the coming month.
Town Hall Generator – There is a bad sensor on the generator outside of Town Hall causing the generator to run unnecessarily. It is under warranty and will e repaired at no cost, per the Town Manager.
Net House Restoration – restoration will begin in October.
New Town Website – Manager Miller went through the new website redesign, showing where documents could be found and what pages still needed to be populated.

Auxiliary Board Reports
Bonnie Crosser of the Parks and Recreation Board has met with local Pickleball players to discuss reconfiguring the tennis courts to include two pickle ball courts with removable nets.

Crosser also mentioned removing some of the doggie bag receptacles around town and the possibility of removing the port-a-potties at Lupton Park.

Jim Blackerby of the Harbor Waterfronts Committee said they are planning another workday to finish some small waterfront projects.

Dates to Know
The Town Board Workshop is September 29 at 8a at Town Hall. The next Town Board Meeting will be Tuesday, October 4 at 8a.

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Posted Monday September 19, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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