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Chowder Cook-off 2018
A festival celebrating chowder & St. Patrick's Day
March 19, 2018
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“You can have your chowder, I’ll take a cookie any day.”
Most got the memo … wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.


Clam chowders outnumbered other entries, but Harborside Garden Center in Stonewall garnered the most votes for their Southwestern Spicy Potato Cheese Chowder. Oriental’s Tom Lathrop sampled the spicy concoction soon after the crock pots and cookers were opened.

Some artisitic liberties _ and a bit of green ink -transforms the image of Oriental fisherman, Keith Bruno om a donation jar for the NC Coastal Heritage Association. Keith is the organization’s new president.
Dixie and Asa Gatlin on fiddler and bass. They are half of Harbor Sounds.
Dick Osmun, guitar, and Paul Sykes, banjo.

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Posted Monday March 19, 2018 by Ben Casey

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