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Hurricane Irene - TownDock.net Coverage
Links To Stories & Photos Before, During & After Irene
December 2, 2011

urricane Irene, as has been well-documented, blasted over Oriental and Pamlico County on Saturday August 27. Its heavy wave action and storm surge brought great damage, from which, three months later, the village and county are still recovering.

TownDock.net posted many stories and photos before, during and after Irene’s historically high waters flooded town. From the TownDock archives, here is a listing of those stories. They start with the preparations, move on to the stories from the morning of the storm and the days and weeks afterward.

Prepare For A Hurricane, Experience An Earthquake – 4 Days Before, Tuesday 8/23

Hurricane Irene Prep – Two Days Before, 8/25

Hurricane Irene Preparations – One Day Before, 8/26

Hurricane Irene That Saturday Morning, 8.27

Canoeing The Streets of Oriental in Irene’s Eye

The Day After Irene

Oriental Businesses After Irene: What’s Open, What’s Not

Oriental Marinas After Irene

Irene Day Two

Irene Day Three

Irene Day Four

Irene Day Five

Irene Day Six

Irene Day Seven

Irene Days 8-9

Irene Days 10-15

Irene At Hobucken and Lowland

Irene at Vandemere and B&B Yachts

Hauling to Resume in Oriental

Irene at Florence, Whortonsville and Paradise Shores

Debris Update at Mid-September Town Board Meeting

Story About Proposed Aerial Spraying

Irene at Arapahoe and China Grove – posted 9/16

Up The Creeks or, Boats Where They Aren’t Supposed To Be

Irene Sends Tennis Rackets on Journey

“Irene also sparked three features that absorbed a lot of reader input.

A Guide To Pamlico Mosquitoes

Lessons Learned From Irene

And TownDock.net’s ongoing feature, Hurricane Lost & Found.

Posted Friday December 2, 2011 by Melinda Penkava

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