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Monday December 5, 2016

That rain this morning left a chill in the air, but it should warm up in to the upper 50’s. The Oriental Weather Forecast brings us rain again tomorrow but after that, the week’s weather looks to be dry and clear. Could be nippy for Spirit of Christmas.

You can warm things up by being a part of the event. Saturday’s Polar Express-themed parade welcomes more entries as does that night’s flotilla of lighted sail and power boats. Ditto, the Friday night harbor parade of lighted kayaks, canoes, dinks and paddleoards.

More than 1500 luminaria will light up thoroughfares in the Old Village Friday evening. First they have to be created. It takes a village.. and a few days. That starts tomorrow – 4:30p – at The Silos.

If you are challenged by migraines, you are not alone. A support group – Migraineurs – has its first meeting tomorrow at 5p.

Been thinking of simplifying life and getting rid of stuff? Dorothy Parker provides an incentive in today’s Dock Quote.

Sunday December 4, 2016

2:09p The visiting 57’ motor sailor looking for crew to the Bahamas… has found a new crew member.

7:02a Have to get to the other side of the Neuse? The ferry should be getting you there on its regular schedule. From Sue at the ferry, late yesterday:

M/V Kinnakeet has been repaired and approved to be returned to service. We will be on schedule with both boats operational in the morning.

Saturday December 3, 2016

2:23p Reduced ferry schedule for this afternoon:

The Cherry Branch Ferries are on a one boat schedule with departures from Cherry Branch at 2.30, 3.30, 4.30, 5.30, 6.30, and the regular night schedule. Departures from Minnesott will be at 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00 and the regular night schedule.

10:10a Want to be a Dragon Keeper? (It’ll stand out on your resumé.) There’s an opportunity right now…

9:30a Yes, another cool morning – it was close to freezing at sunrise – but it is warming. Should get into the mid-50’s.

How about a run to warm up? At the high school track in Bayboro at 10 this morning, Girls on the Run are doing their 5K. Public’s welcome to cheer ‘em on.

Friday December 2, 2016

After yesterday’s balminess, this morning’s cool air packed a bit of a punch. The Oriental Weather Forecast gets only to the upper 50’s today and mid-50’s this weekend.

Okay, so raise your hand if, when you hear certain classical music, your mind goes to Bugs Bunny. Or to singing, ‘No More Rice Krispies’ …

In the spirit that you may know more classical music than you give yourself credit for… tonight at the Old Theater, pianist Alina Kiryayeva presents a program called Moving Pictures. They’re classical selections that have turned up in movies and cartoons. Tomorrow night she’s presenting a non-pop culture referenced program. You can still get tix at Nautical Wheelers.. or the box office tonite.

Gather all ye wise men and lambs — tomorrow morning there’s a casting call for the Live Nativity that’ll be presented at next weekend’s Spirit of Christmas.. (Click here for more details.) That’s a kids’ production.

But there’s plenty for adults to sign up for — you can be in the parade, on Saturday the 10th. Theme is The Polar Express. (We’re thinking you’ll hear a lot of bells ….)

Also, on tap next weekend: kayaks, canoes, paddleboards all lighted up, lighted up, parade into the harbor Friday night. More paddlers and lighted boats welcomed. Saturday night, the flotilla of bigger sailboats and power vessels passes along the riverfront. You can be in that, too.


Thursday December 1, 2016

70 degrees. Before noon. It’s practically tropical. The Oriental Weather Forecast has still more sunny skies tomorrow and Saturday.

Later this afternoon at the library in Bayboro, you can put in a bid for any of 5 Christmas trees. They come already decorated – that was done by Pamlico HS art students. Each tree riffs on a story line from a children’s Christmas storybook. You’ve invited. Bidding not mandatory – you can go simply to support the students’ efforts.

What’s Happening, in coming days? Classical pianist Alina Kiryayeva performs at the Old Theater Friday and Saturday nights. The playlist for Friday’s concert will be classical works that’ve turned up in pop culture – movies ,cartoons. Saturday’s show will have a different focus. Tix at Nautical Wheelers. Alina’s also presenting a free inform-ance Saturday afternoon. More details are here.

Wednesday November 30, 2016

10:25a Here’s a chance to give an early holiday gift — Pamlico Musical Society brings classical pianist Alina Kiryayeva to the Old Theater on Friday and Saturday nights; each night has a different program. Still are tix available for these concerts – you can get yours at Nautical Wheelers or on line. More details, here.

Want a Christmas tree that’s already decorated – and with a local touch, at that? Art students at Pamlico High have designed and made ornaments and put them on 5 trees, each taking its theme from a kids’ Christmas book. You can bid on them starting tomorrow at a reception in the library.

Meanwhile, if you’d like a more permanent tree in your life, Oriental’s Tree Board can help. The folks who plant and take care of trees on Oriental’s streets and in town parks, are now thinking about sites for this winter’s tree planting. From the Tree Board:

If you are interested in having a street tree planted in front of your property, contact Town Hall (249 0555) and a member of the Tree Board will visit your property to evaluate the site with you for possible planting. We only plant in the public right of way and will discuss with you the species most appropriate for your site. We consider the presence of both above-ground and underground utilities, and the presence of existing trees in our site evaluation and planting recommendation.

5a Made it. Today marks the end of the official Hurricane Season. In those 6 months, there was the one close call from Matthew – Oriental dodged that bullet but folks upriver and inland bore the brunt of things.

We were lucky. This year.

The Atlantic storms of 2016:
• Alex (January 13 – 15, 75 knots, 981mb)
• Bonnie (May 27- June 5, 40 knots, 1008mb)
• Colin (June 5 – June 7, 55 knots, 996mb)
• Danielle (June 19 – June 21, 40 knots, 1007mb)
• Earl (Aug 2 – Aug 6, 75 knots, 979mb)
• Fiona (Aug 17 – Aug 23, 45 knots, 1004mb)
• Gaston (Aug 22 – Sept 3, 110 knots, 956mb)
• Hermine (Aug 28 – Sept 3, 75 knots, 982mb)
• Ian (Sept 12 – Sept 16, 55 knots, 994mb)
• Julia (Sept 14 – Sept 19, 35 knots, 1007mb)
• Karl (Sept 14 – Sept 25, 50 knots, 986mb)
• Lisa (Sept 19 – Sept 25, 40 knots, 999mb)
• Matthew (Sept 28 – Oct 10, 140 knots, 938mb)
• Nicole (Oct 4 – Oct 18, 115 knots, 950mb)
• Otto (Nov 21 – Nov 26, 100 knots, 975mb)

Tuesday November 29, 2016

11:04a Oriental’s Spirit of Christmas celebration is almost here, Dec 9-10. Saturday Dec 10 is the SOC Parade – with Polar Express theme – at 1p. Then, at dusk, a flotilla of decorated sail and power boats.

You can still register for the parade – registration extended til Dec 7.

9:55a There’s a giving opportunity of another sort this evening. In this instance you can give your opinion. Pamlico Musical Society wants to hear what you think about performers it’s thinking about bringing to Oriental next season. Listening Session is from 6:30-7:30p.

7:15A In the space of a few days since Thanksgiving, we’ve had Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today, it’s Giving Tuesday, a concerted effort at fundraising for non-profit organizations.

There are lots of worthy national organizations, of course, but as with the commerce days, it’s important to think – and give – locally just as you would shop locally.

Over the years, TownDock has published a guide to local giving.. We’ll have an updated version later today but in the meantime, here’s the most recent guide…

Sunday November 27, 2016

A clear and bright Sunday, all the better to see the fall colors that’ve finally emerged.

It’s a busy week for Pamlico Musical Society. This coming Friday and Saturday nights, classical pianist Alina Kiryayeva performs at the Old Theater. Two distinctly different shows those 2 nights. TIx are still available, but you may want to jump on that cos they tend to go fast.

In addition to that, PaMuSo’s looking for your opinion as it puts together next season’s lineup. This Tuesday evening you’re invited to a listening session. Details here….

Looking even further ahead in What’s Happening, the Spirit of Christmas Celebration comes upon us the second weekend in December. it starts out on Friday December 9. Luminaries line the streets that evening, the Oriental star gets lighted by the Town Dock and a flotilla of lighted kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and motorless dinks parade in to the harbor and come up to the Town Dock where you can see their festooning up close..

Saturday the 10th has the parade rolling down Broad and Hodges at 1p – Polar Express is the theme this year. At dusk, there’s another flotilla, this time of sailboats and motor vessels. They’ll be parading on the river. All of these events welcome — need — more participants. As with elves, the more, the merrier. Click on the links above or scope things out in What’s Happening.

Friday November 25, 2016

3:05p Let there light —- ed holiday decorations. Around 5:30 this evening Broad Street’s new Christmas decorations will be illuminated in what’s being called Light Up Oriental. Gathering spot is Town Hall.

11a Happy day after Thanksgiving. It’s a beautiful one. Enjoy the relative warmth cos the forecast takes a cooler turn for the rest of the weekend.

Exactly one month til Christmas. Want to knock out some of that holiday shopping but dread the prospect of long lines, parking hassles? You can make your holiday shopping less stressful by shopping here in town.

Shopping locally = enlightened self interest.

Thursday November 24, 2016

Yup. That sun came up again. Some cloud competition.

Stretch those legs and get ready for the 2016 Thanksgiving Bike Ride. Meet 9a by the Town Dock / in front of The Bean. Fellow future turkey eaters will join you for a lazy pedal around town. It isn’t too cold this morning, and the forecast says it will be about 60 by 9a.

The Bean is open today til noon for your caffeine requirements. The Pig too (for just about everything) open 7a – 1p.

The official hurricane season ends Nov 30. One more is with us (not near here – be calm)… Hurricane Otto is making landfall at Costa Rica this morning. Otto will cross the narrow part of Central America and do something rare… switch from being an Atlantic Storm to a Pacific Storm.

Wednesday November 23, 2016

7:53a The Polar Express – the parade theme for this year’s Spirit Of Christmas parade. What is The Polar Express? A magic children’s book. And a movie. Here is the children’s book read aloud:

7:21a Oriental’s Spirit of Christmas celebration is just a couple weekends away… Dec 9-10.

Your creative parade skills needed. Just click on the links for more info…

6:47a A third straight morning of subfreezing temps – it’s down to 30 at sunrise. The last holdout basil plants in the garden – done gone. Is it too much to hope the mosquito populations been knocked back too?

While this calls for at least medium weight wool socks with your sandals this morning, there’s a warming trend coming today and the next few days in the Oriental Weather Forecast Up to the 70’s tomorrow.

Looks like it’ll be in the low 60s’s mid morning manana for the annual Thanksgiving Bike Ride Around Oriental. That starts out on Hodges in front of The Bean at 9a.